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Sometimes I paint people with birds…

Sometimes I paint people with birds.  and sometimes they are alone.  Even if I wanted to add more, I couldn’t.  The paintings demand that they remain uncluttered, free from unnecessary things.  For me, the act of painting has to be like a prayer,  a recognition of the all absorbing stillness. . .  of that moment when life is silent and . . . bodies are still enough for birds to land on. . . .

I feel that I am endlessly reaching out for that bare and illusive spirit

Imagination: an essential force of life

Sometimes it seems so futile  to spend ones whole life moving lines and colour around on canvas – but then I see more and more clearly that ‘ imagination ‘ is an essential force of life, which if it is alive and kicking, and in constant use, can open up unknown areas in oneself and others.  Cecil Collins regarded painting as a ‘ metaphysical activity,  whose function, far from aesthetics – of art for art’s sake – is the most impersonal, certainly ego-less expression of imagination, the knowledge of the soul. ‘


When asked what I am trying to say with my paintbrush, I’m embarrassed because I am not trying to say anything – I’m trying to  find something. I believe that if I could find that something that I am looking for, then maybe – the painting might say something – something that I had not an idea about in the first place.  In the process of painting, I worry away at the paint, pushing it here and there,  the subject matter permanently in peril of transformation or even obliteration. The painting could end up upside down, or even sideways on.  I feel intensely that if I scrub away hard enough and work the canvas hard with my paintbrush, I might eventually get behind the subject and the paint, and there I might just find what I am looking for.